The Hat Trick: Film the Police, Kim Jong Un, MNF Thoughts

New boss, same as the old boss

Yesterday, I said I was going to write a quick post and go job hunting.

That post ended up being 1200 words long.

I still don’t have a job.

So, while I’m really enjoying blogging for the first time… uhhh, ever? I’m going to force myself to keep this shorter. I’m starting a new segment, The Hat Trick. It’s where I give you my take on three subjects, drink my coffee, smoke a few cigarettes, leave my house and go do, y’know, human person things.

Without further ado…

  • FILM THE POLICE: It’s been a weird year. The US finally killed Osama, the American populace was given the cast of the Bad News Bears as GOP Presidential candidates, The Red Sox wrapped up a really terrific season in August, and, oh yeah, there was this thing called Occupy Wall Street that spread across the country faster than herpes at Rutgers University. Still not sure where I stand on all the policies of #OWS, but they are carrying on the tradition of peaceful protest, which is what makes the police brutality they have faced all the sadder. One of my favorite voices in hip-hop, Sage Francis, collaborated with B. Dolan, Toki Wright, Jasiri X and Buddy Peace to make this updated version of NWA’s classic, called “Film The Police.” Check it here and download it for free here.

Side Bar: If someone who reads this and knows WordPress well, could they let me know how to embed video links and stuff in my posts? It would be a lot cooler if I didn’t make ya click the link to go to youtube. Alright, back to the action.

  • KIM JONG UN: This guy died, and he left his son in control. He had 17 years to be groomed, his son had less than one. He was one of the craziest, most dangerous leaders any nation has ever known (I’ll give the Tiberius/Nero combination a slight edge) who kept the world on edge with threats of nuclear attacks and refused his famished people the assistance offered by other nations to keep that threat alive. I hold out very little hope for Kim Jong Un, but let’s hope the crazy apple falls very, very far from the tree.
  • MNF, or HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND ACCEPT FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYOFF DEFEAT: In yesterday’s “short” blog post, I wrote this:

I’m rooting for Ben Roethlisberger’s gimpy ankle to hold up tonight. I need (approx.) 300 yards, 2+ TDs, no turnovers, and a generally prolific attack from the Pittsburgh offense to move on in a playoff matchup in fantasy football. I could look at this as a win-win (Pittsburgh loses, Pats have clear path to homefield advantage; Roethlisberger does phenomenal, I move on in the playoffs), but I’m a Boston sports fan, so I’m gonna be cynical and expect Roethlisberger throws six picks and the Steelers still find a way to win.

Fuck you, Ben Rapelisberger. Fuck you and your 3 INTs. I knew I shoulda grabbed Tebow  off the waiver wire two months ago (y’all thought we were getting through this without a Tebow mention, didn’t ya? Haha bitches, joke’s on you). At least my twisted cynical fantasy didn’t come true: the Pats win out, the road to the Super Bowl goes through Foxborough.

Of course, that worked out wonderfully last year.

Alright folks, that’s a wrap, coming in under 600 words this time. I can dig it, I hope you can too. Please spread the word of this blog, I’d like to crack 25 views by the weekend. Much Love.

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